This transaction was particularly complex and involved one aircraft manufacturer, two Asian airlines, four Airworthiness Authorities and a number of other entities operating in six different jurisdictions.
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Some Features of the Registry

Aircraft transactions are structured through Special Purpose Vehicles created in the Mauritian Jurisdiction.

The DCA recognises and accepts Type Certificates for aircraft already certified by any of the major Airworthiness Authorities (CAA, FAA, French DGCA, JAR, etc). There is thus no requirement for a new type certificate exercise nor any modification to be made to enable the aircraft to be registered in Mauritius. Aircraft in storage awaiting sale or lease can thus take advantage of this operational flexibility and avoid costly modifications / de-modifications required when moving between registries.

The DCA does not require the aircraft to be physically present in Mauritius at any time during its stay on the Register.

As a sovereign state, Mauritius usually adopts a pragmatic approach to many political issues and maintains excellent relations with all major governments worldwide. Mauritius registered aircraft have never experienced any problem concerning overflight and landing clearances. Operators of Mauritius registered aircraft may use Mauritius diplomatic channels to secure clearances and landing authorisations wherever applicable (ex: China).

The DCA is geared to expedite requests without any unnecessary red tape. They will make the necessary arrangements with other Civil Aviation Authorities to agree on oversight responsibilities. Aircraft registration and issue of Certificates of Airworthiness may reasonably be expected to takes place within one month of formal application. Aircraft deregistration usually take place very quickly following a bona fide application.


Mauritius offers a better time zone proximity for European, Asian and African customers than does Bermuda or Cayman Islands. This is often crucial when the urgent intervention of the DCA is required to solve operational problems (pilot licensing, derogations for operational purposes, etc.).

The Mauritius DCA will validate foreign flight crew licences subject to such licences being issued according to ICAO standards.

Compared to alternative jurisdictions, the government fees for issue of a Certificate of Registration and a Certificate of Airworthiness is nil.

Mauritius is a safe jurisdiction. The aircraft owner or lessor has appropriate legal means to repossess the aircraft in the event of a default by the lessee.

The Mauritius registry is a registry of title.

Mauritius has a publicly available mortgage register, which may be used to register aircraft charges. There are no fees due on registration of an aircraft mortgage.