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The AMC Concept

Upon inquiry from a potential customer, Aero Services (Mauritius) Ltd. will initially provide the basic information relevant to each particular transaction. The applicant will thus be able to assess the issues relating to the registration and operation of an aircraft under the Mauritius Registry.

A Service Agreement is then discussed and agreed with the customer. This generally includes a complete package of services designed to take care of ALL necessary procedures and documentation in order to register and maintain an aircraft in the Registry (One Stop Shop principle). The customer has thus no requirement to deal directly with any Mauritius based entity other than Aero Services (Mauritius) Ltd.

As such, Aero Services (Mauritius) Ltd. acts as an Aircraft Management Company (AMC). The AMC thereafter presents the salient features of the transaction to MOBAA, following which a formal application is made to the DCA. The aircraft is placed in the registry after satisfactory completion of all inspections, documentation and necessary approvals.

The AMC is in fact an entity providing specialist aviation related services to potentiel customers.The AMC has a requirement to know its customer and to be particularly careful in ensuring that the reputation and credibility of the registry is never impaired.

The AMC needs to be the principal entity that does all the work that is necessary in Mauritius to place the aircraft in the register. In addition, the AMC has a post registration follow up responsibility to ensure that the operator is fully briefed on the continued requirements of the DCA, including but not limiting to aircraft reporting issues.

Another important feature of the AMC is to provide the operator with an effective representational presence during the stay of the aircraft in this jurisdiction. This is not only necessary for DCA liaison purposes but also to provide substance for the Mauritius SPV and avoid any connotations of “brass plate” companies in the context of tax related transactions.